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If you are considering immigration to Canada, you probably have many questions. This is understandable; the immigration process can be daunting and even intimidating for the uninitiated. We hope this article will help address a few of the basics.

What does the immigration process involve?

Once you make the decision to immigrate to Canada, you will need to determine which type of application best fits your goals and your situation. This could be a very complicated decision to make and sometimes, professional, experienced legal assistance can mean the difference in an application’s success or failure. Generally, you will need to complete an application and provide supporting documentation to show that you meet the legal requirements for the type of immigration you seek. Some cases may also require an interview with immigration officials. An immigration lawyer can help you determine your options, prepare your application, and make sure the process moves forward as efficiently as possible.

How long does the process take?

Some immigration applications may be processed within a matter of months, while others may take as long as a year or more to reach their resolution. An immigration lawyer may be able to help you anticipate and avoid any complications or mistakes that can delay or derail your application.

What is a Permanent Resident visa?

This is a document that allows the holder to live and work anywhere in Canada. While permanent residents enjoy most of the same rights and protections as Canadian citizens, there are certain restrictions; for example, permanent residents do not have the right to vote in Canada. Permanent residents may lose their legal status in certain situations (including extended absence from the country or conviction for a serious crime).

Do I need a lawyer for this process?

While it is possible to deal with the immigration process on your own, it is always advisable to seek sound legal advice. Immigration laws can be confusing to many people, but immigration lawyers such as Larry Butkowsky work with cases like yours every day; this means that they are familiar with the laws and how they apply to your unique situation, and can work efficiently on your behalf to make sure that your application is completed properly and that the process moves smoothly. Often, legal advice and guidance can increase the chances of success and minimize delays and complications. Of course, when choosing a lawyer, be sure you understand the costs involved and what is included. Legal fees can vary widely from lawyer to lawyer.

How do I know the lawyer I am hiring is qualified?

Each Canadian province has its own law society, which regulates the lawyers who practice within that province. Make sure that your lawyer is a member in good standing of the law society for the province where he or she practices.

Larry Butkowsky is a member in good standing of The Law Society of Upper Canada and is thus fully authorized by the Canadian government to act for individuals in relation to all types of immigration and refugee matters. He and his legal team are ready and available to assist you and your family in achieving your immigration goals. The firm focuses exclusively on immigration and refugee law, and represents clients who wish to become permanent residents or citizens, as well as those seeking temporary entry or short-term residence in Canada for work or educational purposes. Larry also helps those seeking refugee protection. Larry can assist clients with every step of the immigration process, from determining which immigration avenue is right for you to completing applications and paperwork to helping you prepare for interviews. Larry also advocates for his clients in immigration litigation, including appeals, judicial reviews, hearings, and deportation proceedings. With more than two decades of experience, Larry Butkowsky has earned the respect of the Toronto legal community and the gratitude of many satisfied clients. He is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and making sure that the immigration and transition to Canadian life is a smooth one. His firm is located at 41 Madison Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S2, or he may be reached by calling (416) 979-2127.

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