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Canada to Welcome 25,000 Syrian Refugees

Most people around the world are aware of the ongoing crisis in Syria and the more than 4 million refugees who have been displaced due to intense conflict in the region.

What you may not know is that Canada is playing a big role in offering a new home to many of these refugees. According to a Citizenship and Immigration Canada news release, the government of Canada is working quickly to identify and transport 25,000 Syrian refugees for resettlement in Canada.

The resettlement process will unfold in five phase. First, the government will identify refugees to relocate to Canada. The government will then process these individuals and transport them to Canada, where they will be welcomed and resettled. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, “Protecting the safety, security, and health of Canadians and refugees is a key factor in guiding the Government of Canada’s actions throughout this initiative.”

Furthermore, the government is making all this happen very quickly. All refugees will be identified by December 31, 2015. The government wants at least 10,000 refugees in Canada by the end of 2015, with the remainder to follow by the close of February 2016. The government has pledged $678 million toward bringing the Syrian refugees to Canada and helping them integrate into communities throughout the country.

CBC News reports that waves of refugees have already begun arriving in Canada, with 1,200 making the trip to Toronto since November 4.

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