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Interesting Stats about Canadian Immigration

Canada has one of the most diverse populations in the world. Founded by immigrants and known for welcoming people from all backgrounds into its borders, Canada has long been recognized as a nation that values immigrants.

If you plan to immigrate to Canada, you may be curious how many fellow immigrants you can expect to meet in your new home. The following data from Statistics Canada gives a good snapshot of the Canadian immigrant population.

Canada Is Ethnically Diverse

According to Statistics Canada, a 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) revealed Canada is home to over 200 ethnic groups. The same year, a NHS showed that 13 of these ethnic groups had more than 1 million members living in Canada.

Statistics Canada reports that more than 6 million people living in Canada identify as a member of a minority group. This accounts for 19 per cent of the entire population in Canada. Out of the survey respondents who identified as a member of a minority group, nearly 31 per cent said they were born in Canada. Another 65 per cent said they were born outside Canada and immigrated.

The three largest minority groups in 2011 were South Asians, Chinese, and Blacks. Other minority groups with significant numbers in Canada included Filipinos, Latin Americans, Japanese, Koreans, and people of Middle Eastern origin. The majority of the minority population reported living in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alberta. Within these provinces, most immigrants said they lived in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

Canada Is Home to More Than 6 Million Immigrants

Canada has a foreign-born population of roughly 6.7 million people, which makes up more than 20 per cent of the country’s population. This is the highest number of immigrants of all the G8 nations.

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