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I Want to Move to Canada. How Do I Guarantee Success?

As with most things in life, there are very few guarantees. If an immigration lawyer or consultant guarantees they can help you immigrate to Canada – especially if you are located overseas when you talk to them – be very hesitant to do business with them. With enough research and preparation, however, your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada are very good. That is where we can help.

Steps to Immigrating

There are several steps involved in the immigration process, and your path to a work permit or permanent residence status will vary depending on your personal situation and goals. With that in mind, here is a general overview of the basic immigration process.

Determining eligibility – When you have your initial consultation, one of the first things we will discuss is your eligibility under the various immigration programs. For example, skilled workers have several options. We will also assess your work background, education history, language abilities, finances, and any criminal background. We will also discuss your goals, such as whether you’re looking to obtain a work permit or become a permanent resident.

Finding employment – Although you don’t necessarily need a job offer in Canada to immigrate, it may be helpful in certain circumstances to have one. If you don’t have a job offer, you may still qualify as a skilled worker based on your education, age, work experience, and language skills. There may also be other options that don’t require a job offer for an individual to immigrate to Canada.

Application process – If you meet the eligibility requirements, we can begin the application process. This involves gathering numerous documents and records. It is very important to be completely transparent, open, and honest on your application, as immigration authorities are very thorough. Don’t leave out information because you are afraid of embarrassment or extra scrutiny. This could jeopardize your application and cost you additional time, expense, and maybe even lead to a refusal on your applicatio.

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