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Applications Still Being Taken for Skilled Workers

If you possess the expertise or proficiency that Canadian employers are seeking in certain occupations, you still have time to apply for jobs through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Under the program, the government places a cap of 5,000 applications from workers in 24 eligible occupations. The current application period ends on April 30, 2014 and the government recently announced that although some occupations had reached their application limit, most of them were still open. A new list of eligible occupations will likely be issued shortly.

Great Opportunities in Health Care and Engineering

The health-care field is particularly open, with a number of job categories still accepting applications. These include audiologists and speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants, respiratory therapists, medical-radiation technologists, and medical sonographers. The engineering field is also still taking applications for chemical, mining, petroleum, and aerospace engineers. In making the announcement, the government noted that most of these job categories are actually far from reaching the 300-application limit that the program places on each.

Qualification Requirements

The FSWP is one of Canada’s primary means of providing immigration opportunities to skilled overseas workers. If you qualify to be an applicant in one of the job categories and have worked in that area for at least one year, you must meet Canadian language requirements for proficiency in English or French, pass a background check. Alternatively, you can become eligible under the FSWP, you must obtain an approved offer of a permanent and full-time job from a Canadian employer. In addition, you may qualify to submit an application for Permanent Residence under the FSWP if you have at least two years of study in a Ph.D. program in Canada or have graduated from a Canadian doctoral program no more than 12 months before the application is received.

The government uses a variety of measures to further assess the qualifications of FSWP candidates through a “point” system. Applicants are evaluated in this manner for their educational levels, language skills, work experience, age, and ability to adapt. Also, candidates must demonstrate that they have adequate funds to make the move to Canada. They and their dependents must also undergo medical examinations.

The Procedure for Employers

For employers, meanwhile, the program provides access to workers whose skills may be in short supply in their locales. If employers are interested in hiring workers worker through the FSWP, they can substantially increase their chances of success by making them genuine job offers. In doing so, however, they must prove that there is a need for their skills and that they tried to hire Canadian permanent residents first. The job offer must be approved through the Canadian Government’s Human Resources and Skills Development Canada or HRSDC.

The FSWP plays an important role in providing Canadian employers with the skilled workers that they need and helping to maintain the nation’s economic health at the same it provides a pathway for skilled workers in other nations to start a new life here. If you are a candidate for employment in Canada under the FSWP, Toronto immigration lawyer Larry Butkowsky can answer any questions you may have about how to proceed.

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