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“If I knew anyone that was looking for an immigration lawyer, Larry Butkowsky would be the first one I’d think of. He’s been able to very quickly clarify my questions about my immigration process so I could proceed with confidence. He’s very good at responding to emails promptly and anytime he’s going to be busy, he gives notice ahead of time. In person meetings – he’s been very easy to talk to and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine a scenario where I wouldn’t recommend him first.”

Carter Bruce

“I just found Mr. Butkowsky to be really honest. He was upfront and honest about our situation and told us what he could and couldn’t do. Gave us options for what he could do. Everything was really timely and there was always someone who could help us out. He’s quick getting back to us and really personable. We got along really well. He’s upfront, honest, and easy to talk to. It is easy to get answers when I have questions about stuff really quickly. I’m glad we went there.”

Inessa Petersen

“Larry Butkowsky is a friendly, honest, and straight forward lawyer. I hired Larry in February 2013 regarding my Permanent Residency status. I was in a unique situation because of my chosen career making it hard for me to meet the physical residency requirement in Canada as I travel a lot outside of the country for work, working for a U.S. company. My pursuit to work for a Canadian company was proven fruitless because the same career field in Canada required a PR Card. Do to my continuous absence outside of Canada I was having a difficult time obtaining my PR card. After countless inquires with local MP’s and no results in my favor I decided to hire an immigration lawyer that was recommended to me by the successful results of another client of Larry’s. After meeting with Larry and discussing my situation, he collected all the available information regarding my career field and case and put together all the supporting paperwork to organize me and explain to Immigration Canada the situation I was in. Not long after I first met with Larry, my PR Card was in the mail and I was able to start my new career in Canada. I would highly recommend Larry Butkowsky as he has a strong understanding of the immigration laws in Canada and is passionate for what he does.”

Joseph D’Souza

“Larry Butkowsky has helped us through our refuge protection claim. My daughter and I came to Canada a few years ago looking for safety which we could not have back in our home country. Moving to a new country was an overwhelming experience; we also found ourselves homeless and in a very difficult financial situation. I did not know where to start from and how I was going to make it; my daughter was only 10 years old at the time.

“I’m very grateful to Larry for his hard work and support; for his determination to win; for the very professional and delicate way he handled our case. Larry collected all the necessary evidence and made it possible for my daughter to avoid the stress, trauma and anxiety of the court hearing. We are now settling down in our new home and I can’t thank Larry enough for making our case a success.”

Lina Valker

“I have known Larry Butkowsky professionally for over 20 years. During that time, I have referred countless immigration and refugee clients to him. The feedback I have received from these clients about Larry’s services has been outstanding. Larry is knowledgeable, thorough and extremely capable. He handles his clients with patience and compassion. From what I have been told, he also responds to his client’s inquiries in a timely manner. I feel fortunate to be able to refer immigration and refugee clients to Larry. I highly recommend his services.”

Allan Goldstein

“It is not easy for everybody to come to a new country as an immigrant. If you face any type of immigration related complications, your worries will be multiplied and can lead to great anxiety. If you can find someone to offer you advice and guidance, this person can be a pathfinder for the rest of your life. There are many lawyers and law practitioners out there but among them, for me, Larry Butkowsky is the best. He is someone who really works for you with all of his heart. He is really committed to helping you understand about your immigration related issues in a way that you can understand. I would like to let everybody know that if you choose Mr. Butkowsky to help you with your immigration issues, you will be making the right choice as his experience and professionalism can help to solve any kind of immigration related matter.”

Damodar Dhungel

“Larry Butkowsky shows respect and passion for his profession. He does not make promises. He explains the law, what can be done, your options, and his opinion, and then he lets you decide. If you hire him, he does his job. Simple.

“I have relied on Mr. Butkowsky for work visa applications for my French translators on several occasions, and not only does he always get back to me as soon as possible, but he answers my questions in laymen’s terms, and his processes have always been accurate. I may be stressed over an application, but once I speak to Larry, I relax.

“I have also referred him to friends and he has demonstrated his professionalism in every case. His diligence, honesty and compassion resulted in obtaining landed status for my friend Carla and her family, allowing them to make a permanent home in Canada.”

Ema Dantas
President and CEO
Language Marketplace

“Larry Butkowsky is an honest, straightforward lawyer and I feel grateful to have found a lawyer like him. I hired Larry for my refugee case, and during our first hearing, things did not go very well; I was not able to convince the judge of my position using the evidence that I had. Then, the Refugee Board had trouble verifying some of the documents I presented, due to their own error. I was ready to give up, but Larry told me not to give up. He was able to review the whole case, determine the reason for the verification problem, and bring it to the judge’s attention. He asked for another hearing, and we were given that chance. Everything went well, and if it wasn’t for Larry, I wouldn’t have won my case.

“Larry is amazing. Even if I had lost the case, I would have been grateful for his help. He is a lawyer who really takes time to work hard on a case. Every time I was stressed, he would encourage me. I could write a book about the good experience I had with Larry, and words cannot express how grateful am I for what he did for me.”


“Larry has been my lawyer since 1994. He has provided almost two decades of service to me and my family. If you are wondering which lawyer will do a wholehearted job to ensure your immigration case is a winning one—it’s Larry. He is accessible, friendly, kind, and caring—and just as important, he is affordable. It is not about the money for Larry. It’s hard to find someone who will put all their energy and focus on a case like he does, and who will care more about how you’re coping with the process than about how much money he will earn at the end of it.

“Larry is an integral part of my Canadian success story. With his help, I was able to experience formal education for the first time in Canada; ultimately, I went on to become a teacher. It would not have been possible without Larry’s guidance. He fought for me as a lone refugee; he not only fought for me to get my papers, but he helped me to tell my story with dignity. He did not want the process to push me to the limit and make me feel dehumanized. He made sure the immigration officers did not force me to relive my painful experiences. Without Larry, it would have been difficult for me to seek refugee status in a dignified way. He made sure that I was treated as a person, not just a “lone refugee.” This helped me to feel confident in myself, and gave me faith in the Canadian immigration system.

“When I came to Canada, I did not speak a word of the English language, but I knew Larry was on my team, and he would fight for me. He did win the case, and I received my refugee status in Canada. Those papers helped me start my life in Canada and allowed me to go to school. Larry also helped me apply for permanent resident status, without which I would not have been able to get student loans. He kept my files for a long time, which later helped me find some lost documents.

“He also helped me sponsor a family member, which was a very difficult process due to cultural barriers. The case was denied, and then denied again during mediation. I was anxious, but it was comforting to know that Larry was going to work tirelessly to ensure the case was heard from a culturally sensitive perspective. In the end, Larry did win the case—again.

“I am now in the process of sponsoring my mother and her dependents. I feel comfortable knowing that Larry is there to support us. He is a professional who knows the policies and the procedure. He gives you his perspective on it and allows you to make a decision. Your voice is heard throughout the process. He wants to make sure his clients don’t get burned out and overwhelmed by the process. He is helping me for the third time now, and I know Larry is not there for the money. He is there to help you, and he does it with care and kindness.

“Thank you, Larry, for all you have done for me and my family. In almost two decades of service, you have changed our lives for the better. You were my first teacher in what it means to be Canadian: respecting diverse cultures, loving freedom, providing opportunities for others, and caring enough to act on those values. Words cannot do justice to the gratitude I have for you.”

Thank you and God Bless,
Malyun Afrah

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