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Temporary Residence Permits (TRP)

What is a Temporary Residence Permit and Why Would I Need One?

There are numerous criminal, medical, or security reasons why an individual may be deemed inadmissible to Canada. However, even if you’ve been declared inadmissible, you may still be eligible for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). If you meet certain criteria and demonstrate that there is a significant reason you need to enter Canada, you may be able to apply for and obtain a TRP which will temporarily overcome your inadmissibility for a specific and limited period of time. Toronto immigration lawyer Larry Butkowsky has extensive experience obtaining TRPs for his clients, helping them overcome inadmissibility hurdles so they can continue to pursue their dreams of a life in Canada.

Can I Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit if I’m Currently Inadmissible?

Those who are inadmissible to Canada for reasons related to their criminal records are also inadmissible for any study, work, or visiting purposes, and are prohibited from applying for permanent resident status. However, a TRP can allow these people to gain entry to Canada for specific reasons and for a limited length of time. TRPs are available to foreign workers, foreign students, or visitors, but are not a part of the permanent resident process.

The circumstances and acts that may constitute criminal inadmissibility are numerous. You can learn more about the specifics of criminal admissibility here. In general, a person is deemed criminally inadmissible if he or she has been convicted of an offence outside Canada and less than 10 years have elapsed since the completion of the sentence, or if convicted of two or more offences that would be considered summary offences in Canada, if less than five years have elapsed since the completion of the sentence. A person will also be considered criminally inadmissible if convicted of an offence in Canada punishable by a maximum period of imprisonment of at least 10 years or if convicted of an offence where they are given a sentence of at least 6 months of imprisonment. In these situations, a person is considered to be inadmissible unless they have applied for and received a positive decision on an application for criminal rehabilitation. Otherwise, a person may be deemed to have been rehabilitated if at least ten years have passed since completing the sentence imposed or since committing the offence, if the offence is one that would, in Canada, be an indictable offence punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of less than ten years. If you have a criminal conviction in Canada, you must seek a record suspension (formerly a pardon) from the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) before you will be admissible to Canada.

In an individual is criminally inadmissible, a Temporary Resident Permit is required until it can be proven that the holder’s criminal inadmissibility has been suspended or removed (for example, through the criminal rehabilitation process). In other words, criminal rehabilitation is a permanent solution to criminal inadmissibility, while a TRP is only a temporary fix.

Experienced Toronto Immigration Lawyer Larry Butkowsky Can Help You Obtain a Temporary Residence Permit

The choices to be made and procedures involved in obtaining a temporary residence permit can be complicated and, given how crucial a TRP can be to your ability to remain in Canada, it is vital that you have an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer to guide you through the process. Experienced immigration lawyer Larry Butkowsky assists clients with TRP’s no matter what their situation:

  • For individuals who are eligible for criminal rehabilitation but have not yet applied and require entry into Canada, Larry helps them apply for a TRP and criminal rehabilitation at the same time. He can also help applicants apply for a Temporary Residence Permit at the Canadian visa office or at any port of entry.
  • Larry Butkowsky and his skilled legal team will help you assemble and submit the required supporting documentation showing why you are inadmissible and why you need to enter Canada.
  • Where interviews with immigration authorities are requested as part of the process, Larry will fully prepare you so that you have the best possible chance of obtaining your TRP.

If you are seeking a temporary residence permit, Larry Butkowsky’s expertise and exclusive focus on immigration law can help you on your journey to a life in Canada. Contact him today for a consultation.

Larry Butkowsky and his legal team are ready and available to assist you and your family in achieving your immigration goals. The firm focuses exclusively on immigration and refugee law, and represents clients who wish to become permanent residents or citizens, as well as those seeking temporary entry or short-term residence in Canada for work or educational purposes. Larry also helps those seeking refugee protection. Larry can assist clients with every step of the immigration process, from determining which immigration avenue is right for you to completing applications and paperwork to helping you prepare for interviews. Larry also advocates for his clients in immigration litigation, including appeals, judicial reviews, hearings, and deportation proceedings. With more than two decades of experience, Larry Butkowsky has earned the respect of the Toronto legal community and the gratitude of many satisfied clients. He is committed to protecting his clients’ rights and making sure that the immigration and transition to Canadian life is a smooth one. His firm is located at 41 Madison Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S2, or he may be reached by calling (416) 979-2127.

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