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Tips for Moving to Canada with Kids

Moving is a huge undertaking that requires a great deal of preparation and even sacrifice. If you are moving with young children to Canada as an immigrant, you will likely encounter challenges and stressful moments. Although children are usually very quick to adjust and acclimate to new surroundings, they can experience the ups and downs of a big move just as acutely as any adult.

The good news is there are several things you can do to help your children adjust to their new environment and thrive in Canada. Here are a few tips for helping your kids enjoy the move and their new home.

Learn about Canada with Your Children

Children are naturally curious. Turn your immigration journey into a teachable moment by exploring information and facts about Canada with your child. Get your kids excited about the move by talking about Canada’s history, natural resources, and attractions. You can even start planning visits to specific destinations.

Make Friends Ahead of Time

As the world grows increasingly interconnected, it is possible to make friends with people and families halfway across the world without ever stepping foot outside your door. Explore internet forums that cater to families with young children in Canada. Connect online with people in your intended neighbourhood. This is a great way to create a support system before you even arrive. Your new friends can help you look for child-friendly activities, doctors, and play groups when you land in Canada.

Plan for the School Year

Although it is sometimes impossible to schedule your move for a specific time, it is helpful to arrive in Canada prior to the start of a new school year. This gives your child a little time to adjust to his or her new surroundings before beginning school.

Once school begins, get involved in the community and the school system as much as possible. Whether you help with coaching a sports team, volunteer in the classroom, or offer to run a fundraising event, your participation can help ease your child’s transition to a new community. It can also help you make new friendships, connect with other families new to Canada, and maintain cultural ties to your country of origin.

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