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Returning to Canada After You Have Been Removed

If you have been deported from Canada, all hope is not lost. You may be permitted to return to Canada if you can demonstrate sufficient justification for your reentry. This is done via an application referred to as an “authorization to return to Canada” (ARC). Normally, one would file an ARC as part of another Application to a Canadian Visa Office.

Obtaining Authorization to Return to Canada

Immigration officials consider numerous factors when determining an individual’s eligibility for an ARC, including:

  • The original reason the person was removed from Canada
  • Whether the applicant has in the past cooperated with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (history of failure to appear at hearings, etc.)
  • How much time has passed since the removal order was issued
  • The likelihood of the person being removed again; whether he or she is likely to repeat undesirable or criminal behavior
  • The basis for the ongoing application (permanent residence, visitor, study or work)

Additionally, immigration officials consider the applicant’s unique circumstances, such as whether there are important work, family, or medical reasons why an individual should be allowed reentry. Immigration officials may also consider whether the person can contribute financially to the economy if allowed to reenter Canada.

If immigration officials grant reentry, they can allow a person to reenter the country on a limited basis, for a one-time event, or on a permanent basis. For example, a person may gain reentry to attend a funeral, to undergo ongoing medical treatment, or to visit their children. Individuals granted reentry must reimburse the government for any removal costs associated with their case.

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