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Your Child Was Born in Canada. What Are Your Options?

Children born on Canadian soil are automatically granted Canadian citizenship regardless of their parents’ nationality. On the other hand, just because your child is born in Canada does not mean you as the parent automatically gain Canadian citizenship or permanent residence.

For obvious reasons, this can present many challenges for foreign parents of Canadian-born children.

Options for Foreign Parents of Canadian-Born Children

If your child was born in Canada, and you wish to remain in the country, you must apply to immigrate to Canada like any other person. Having a child born in Canada does not give you an advantage over other types of applicants but it may be a relevant consideration depending on the nature of the application that you may file. It is important to speak to a professional to ascertain whether there may be facts or solid grounds to support your application for permanent residence in Canada.

If you are required to leave Canada with your child after the child’s birth, your child is still a Canadian citizen and may return later as an adult. In certain cases, adult children may later be able to sponsor their parents’ applications to immigrate to Canada.

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