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I Want to Immigrate to Canada. What Documents Do I Need?

Immigrating to Canada is a complex process that typically involves several steps. Understandably, it is overwhelming for many people. Whether you want to immigrate yourself, or you wish to sponsor a spouse or other family member, one of the first things you must do is gather the necessary documentation.

The documents you need will depend on your immigration goals and your unique circumstances. Different types of applications invariably require different types of documents, however there are several core documents required for nearly every type of immigration application. Having these documents on hand can greatly speed up the application process.

Birth certificates – you will need birth certificates for every person filing an immigration application. If an individual is legally adopted, you will also need all adoption paperwork.

Marriage certificates – you must provide proof of your marriage. If you have been separated or divorced, you must also provide all related paperwork for each divorce or separation.

Diplomas and trade certifications – if you are entering Canada as a skilled worker, you must provide verification of your education, skills, and certifications. You may also be required to provide verification of work experience from past employers.

Identification – you must provide a minimum of two photographs that comply with immigration requirements, as well as at least two types of personal identification. You must also possess a valid passport.

Proof of immunizations – this is required for any children who will attend school in Canada.

Other Documents

Depending on your individual circumstances, it is quite likely you will need other documents. This is just a general list to get you started. It’s also worth noting that any documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by an official translation as well as an affidavit signed by the translator.

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